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Kind of need help, I guess. [19 Feb 2014|01:35pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

I own Rain for PS2, but I don't really have my PS2 anymore, and I kind of prefer the PC versions since the PS2 is edited so much (story line, too). After a vigorous hardrive crash a while back, it seems I lost the third game, RAIN, though I don't remember if I even had it before that. If anyone has RAIN, I hope you would be kind enough to share it with me. Thank-you. Also, Depositfiles' won't download on my laptop for some reason, so if you can link me somewhere else to download it, thank you.

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Just something small tonight [30 Jul 2013|09:14pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Testing out better scanning and things, so tonight, enjoy these two scans of crossdressing Sora/Nao/Ran. Replacement cg's in the PS2 game "RAIN".

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hope they aren't to big. Enjoy.
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Gaming Update & Cosplay [09 Jun 2013|05:59pm]

[ mood | chipper ]


It's been a few months since the last time I had posted!

So I've decided to give an update!

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ShinichiroxNanami Fanarts [02 Jun 2013|07:01pm]

Hi there, nice to meet you all~ I was a fan of the Sukisho anime from back in 2009, but I never bothered to look into the drama cds and the games. I was reminded of it a few days ago, and after spending a few nights listening to the drama cds from aarinfantasy, I found this community.

I was surprised that this community is still alive! I'm very happy to find the pictures from the games and the characters stories from the game ^~^

Anyway, I'd like to share some ShinichirouxNanami fanarts that I drew, they're my favorite pairing in this whole series ^^

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Fic hunt! [27 May 2013|08:48pm]

The other day I randomly remembered a particular Shinichirou/Nanami fanfic that I periodically go back and reread, just went looking for it again, and it has apparently mysteriously vanished! ;_; All I remember is it was pretty long, definitely multi-chapter, went waaay back into Shinichirou and Nanami's past regarding the lab, the kids, etc. etc., and its title was in Japanese, and I thiiink it started with an H but I could be wrong there. Maybe the meaning of it had an H somewhere? Gah, I dunno.

Anyway, I double-checked my memories on here and the Sukisho section of and had no luck, so I was wondering if anybody here might know if it's up elsewhere?
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Hi. [15 May 2013|04:50pm]

It's been awhile

Umm, those who are buddy buddy with me on my journal have noticed I've been posting translations to Tarinai Kotoba. Some other people translated the first four chapters, idk their names sorry, and I wanted to finish the book since ShixNana are my otp for the series. Thanks to the users that translated the chapters, I appreciate it very much.

I've been posting translations a friend was doing for me for the following chapters and I was wondering if it would be okay if I post them here. Translations are welcomed and encouraged it seems, but this will be really lengthy and there will be many posts, and I didn't want to spam. ;;w;; LJ cuts are very very scary. Should I un friend lock my journal post for the translations only and link them or should I copy and paste everything in a journal/
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Sukisho Translation project. [27 Apr 2013|06:52pm]
Hello there. I received from a member in aarinfantasy information that you guys are translating sukisho the game.

I wish to tell you that I'm starting a translation for that very project.

I am hoping that you will join us in our project to bring a faster release. Please post in the aarinfantasy forum or PM if you wish to join. I am hoping that you will join us.

BTW here is a trial patch for those who want to take a taste

Sukisho First Limit (trial patch)

(just replace the files in CAST inside the DATA folder)

If you have problems installing the game, open the .iso in a folder and copy paste it inside another folder.

I await Your Most Gracious arrival
Sincerely Yours
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Doujin can Samples. [23 Mar 2013|03:10pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello. Today I was looking for Nagase pictures to draw him and found these pictures related to the side doujins made by Tsutae Yuzu and Riho Sawaki (Creators)

 photo KGrHqNHJEwFEov3KPgBRN2viMSpQ60_3_zps35fc9a1d.jpg
Pretty ribbons. I like all the ribbons.

 photo KGrHqRHJEcFE1llrkiqBRN2onRsw60_3_zpsbc3c7744.jpg
Nagase is in this one! He looks mad in this picture.

 photo KGrHqYOKocFE2FPGBZBRN2nbuqw60_3_zpsbacbf09d.jpg
Sora with kitty paw print pajamas. It is because Tsutae has an obsession with cats. Cats are awesome.

 photo T2eC16ZHJGoE9nuQgjqBRN2rTzjV60_3_zps50063591.jpg
An older piece by her. Sora and Yoru.

 photo T2eC16ZHJHgE9n0yGfMBRN2uqOOGQ60_3_zps6a119984.jpg
Gaku and Sora hugging. This plot of this doujin was labeled Sora vs Shinichirou/Kai vs Gaku. Sounds cute..!

 photo 1_zps1ab02b63.jpg
Sunao looks so pretty! *q* Chocobox cover, I own it and it is so cute...! I like the color scheme.

 photo 2_zps42988528.jpg
Matsuri sketches. Love the double buns! ^^

 photo 03_zps046d2148.jpg
Nagase again! :3 And a cute Gaku peeping behind him.

 photo 3_zpsc8a10348.jpg
Yukari! She is so pretty. WIsh there were more art of her.

 photo 04_zpsb879a94e.jpg
Sora comng homean finding Sei snuggling Sunao. Gives me a soft and warm and happy feeling.

 photo 4_zps682cd99d.jpg
Sora sketch. Kinda hard to see much.

 photo 4d5f6g7_zps33cec054.jpg
What a cute picture of Nagase with Gaku! ^^ And Sora and Shinichirou photo bombing

 photo 05_zps87297998.jpg
Nagase at the middle panel is funny. xD I never seen him so happy.

 photo 5e46rgyhu_zpsfc5e6014.jpg
Pretty Yoru sketch.

 photo 06_zpscae17354.jpg
Gah, was scanned funny...! Chris with angel wings. Hiromu as a kitty cat and Nanami with an umbrella. Sketches Love the Nanami one,

 photo 06kk_zps061ee681.jpg
An older picture of Gaku! ^^ Smile smile~~

 photo 6_zps61a55b51.jpg
Another clip with Gaku and Nagaseeee. ^^~ <3

 photo 5678_zps975ece8d.jpg
Nice amnga with Yoru and Sora... the image in the corner, lol @_@

 photo cute_zpsb0976f7f.jpg
Sora kissing Sei.. In a faherly way that is! ^^ How cuteeeee!!!!

 photo dgsg_zpsbe94207e.jpg
Sora and Minato... x'DDD

 photo e5y_zpsfbb6cd3a.jpg
Another clipping of Sora and Yoru. Sora wants Yoru to eat! :3

 photo r6tfguyi_zps5e5c0676.jpg
Cute kenomimi of Gaku and Sora! ^^

And I gotta go for now. Enjoy.
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Just updating. [03 Mar 2013|03:30pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Hey all. Sorry for not posting a lot lately. I had been very busy with things. I really don't have anything scanned today! >n< But I do have some questions for you guys.

1.) Why does Nagase call Aizawa Ki-sama (Am I hearing this right? <_<) 2.) Should I keep posting the PS2 CGs? x --- x 3.) Nothing spoiling, but how should I do the translated After stories? Should I scan the entire manga page then resize it and slap the English text on? I planned to have at least one done by the end of the week. There will be two links for each chapter. MEdiafire and Deposit Files. MF deletes things that has been downloaded so much, I'm not saying don't hotlink because if you want to share, you can since there will be a credit page and may get more members, so I will have Depositfiles link as well because they normally don't care. I am fluent in german so if any community member prefers the German copy, I will type up in german. So there will be two copies of each, one in English and one in german. With the two links, there should be a chance that the download will not go down.
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Intro, Thanks & Questions [18 Feb 2013|09:02pm]


Hello there!

I had joined the site about 2-3 weeks (and been stalking about a week before that).

Thank yous & Questions Ahead...Collapse )

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