Nanami & Shinichirou in 'White Flower'

So~about a month ago (sorry, I barely check LJ anymore!), somebody asked whether Nanami and Shinichirou gets a good ending in White Flower.

The short answer is Yes, they do (I haven't been in the fandom for a couple years now, so my memory's a little shoddy on the details). Although, there aren't a lot of choices to get there...I think most of them actually lead to bad endings..

Bottom line is, a good ending does exist for Nanami and Shinichirou; it just might take a number of tries to get there!

hello, hello~

uhm, it seems like I need a bit of help here, tbh I just recently discovered that first limit was translated and now i'm fired up in my fanperson excitement wanting to play more but... I forgot that the laptop where I had the other games is resting in pieces, so, is there a soul full of kindness who is willing to share with me the links for the target nights, rain and white flower? *sweats* please? i've been looking everywhere but i can't seem to find them lmao, i only ran to old mu archives and it's awful ;;
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ShinichiroxNanami Fanarts

Hi there, nice to meet you all~ I was a fan of the Sukisho anime from back in 2009, but I never bothered to look into the drama cds and the games. I was reminded of it a few days ago, and after spending a few nights listening to the drama cds from aarinfantasy, I found this community.

I was surprised that this community is still alive! I'm very happy to find the pictures from the games and the characters stories from the game ^~^

Anyway, I'd like to share some ShinichirouxNanami fanarts that I drew, they're my favorite pairing in this whole series ^^

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Fic hunt!

The other day I randomly remembered a particular Shinichirou/Nanami fanfic that I periodically go back and reread, just went looking for it again, and it has apparently mysteriously vanished! ;_; All I remember is it was pretty long, definitely multi-chapter, went waaay back into Shinichirou and Nanami's past regarding the lab, the kids, etc. etc., and its title was in Japanese, and I thiiink it started with an H but I could be wrong there. Maybe the meaning of it had an H somewhere? Gah, I dunno.

Anyway, I double-checked my memories on here and the Sukisho section of and had no luck, so I was wondering if anybody here might know if it's up elsewhere?

Sukisho Translation project.

Hello there. I received from a member in aarinfantasy information that you guys are translating sukisho the game.

I wish to tell you that I'm starting a translation for that very project.

I am hoping that you will join us in our project to bring a faster release. Please post in the aarinfantasy forum or PM if you wish to join. I am hoping that you will join us.

BTW here is a trial patch for those who want to take a taste

Sukisho First Limit (trial patch)

(just replace the files in CAST inside the DATA folder)

If you have problems installing the game, open the .iso in a folder and copy paste it inside another folder.

I await Your Most Gracious arrival
Sincerely Yours

Game Translations - First Limit (10b/?)

Right, here's our final detour~this is the scene that appears should you choose to have Sora follow Sunao onto the fourth floor, rather than the third; next release will have us back on the main storyline

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..Well, I might try for a bi-weekly schedule now seeing as life has been piling up with no respite in sight; the next scene is also rather long, so I could split the script in half or simply post the entire translation whenever I get it finished. In any case, please do not be alarmed if there are no further releases for this week or the next; I can still be reached by other means for any reason, though I may be late in replying
My deepest apologies for the sporadic schedule and I really do appreciate everyone's understanding and patience in these matters


Yes, this probably really stupid and piontless. yes, this is something I'm doing too keep my mind of things, yes I am pretty unbusy and lonely tonight lolololllllllll.

I made a timeline... you know... because things are pretty confusing. With the helo of some questions I asked (Sapling and Kurenai thanks for the help) and from what I got out of reading (That took me hours too read a few pages, but my japaense is getting better... I think..)

Forgove the typos in thsi introduction. my laptop is pretty much commit suicide. >o<" If you see ANYTHING that needs too be fixed lemmie know. I also threw in all the characters b-days if this wasn't posted already. if it was, I will take this section down. I am using what I managed too get out of a few guides and my novels.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

-The characters nanami, Soushi, Ayano, Shinichirou/Minato (Would you guys consider them different people?), and Aizawa are set.

-Nanami and Aizawa are bff's (SHOCKING!) Aizawa is in a higher class by one grade level. (According too what I got from my book..)

-Shinichirou and his bothers are set in the nearby orphange. Conviently by nanami's parent's clinic. They get enrolled in school.

-Aizawa and Nanami immediately see Shinichirou and find him interesting. (It has a chart about characters, seems they kinda had a crush for him? Probaby not right though. I will re-read. e.e)

-As time rolls by, Nanami and Shinichirou spend more time together. Aizawa gets accepted in a high-class fancy school and leaves.

-Ayano is in the same school, too. Dundundun twist! <---wat?

-Nanami and Shinichirou graduate. At this point they love each other, Minato is coming out more, and nanami is desperate too save him (awww...) They go too different colleges.

-Aizawa experiments on Shi some. Aizawa certainly loves kidnapping him. 8'D

-Nagase is.. idk if I should say born or created... lol

-Aizawa is young, but running his own experiments. He is in the medical field and studying clone genetics and DNA. Nanami thinks "Hey, I was friends with him... he's smart" and studies under him too save Shinichirou (Feels. ;;W;; I love those two.)

-Nanami gets "attacked" by Aizawa. (I refuse too go into detail about this. You get it though...)

-Nanami meets Shinichirou while he is crying outside the lab. He takes him home and takes care of nanami. Awww! ://D

-For Shinichrou and Nanami, my books use "幸せな結婚式" have no idea how too translate that one though. I failed you on this one..!

-Shinichirou and Nanami are introduced too third graders. here is where the main character will be clicked into place. Sora hashiba (Main), Sunao Fujimori, Matsuri Honjou. Nanami and Shi immediately befriend their parents.

-Events in Tarina Kotoba occur. Shinichirou is slippng im school and all, accuses of Soushi cheating on Nanami, move into the mansion. VERY cute novel. Yay ShinxNanami..!

-Matsuri moves for awhile. ;;--;; We will miss you, sir.

-Around here Sora is slipped a serious drug. We will get into that soon. We all know who did it. ~::Points too Aizawa:~

-First part of the drug kicks in. Sora is drugged and kills their parents, right in front of Nao.

-Sora and nao get kidnapped. Matsuri was away so he was spared. Aizawa experiments on them for days and weeks. Was pretty much hell. Sora is slipped a serious drug. We will get in to that soon.

-Nanami and Shinichirou bust them out. Sadly, poor Nao was left because of a twisted ankle and time. This made me sad. Poor Nao.

Well, that's all I could get pre-series. Here is during the series. Really, if this is not needed and all, I will delete this. ^^ I figured it may help a few though...~

I'll write a during series in a few days, I'd like too see how useful and needed this one was. As promised, here are the characters bloodtypes and birthdates.

(Starting with the King of couples as Tsutae names them in the books' end: lol)
March 12/

March 21st/

April 19th/


RAN: If you read Mission Choice, Ran declares Sunao's birthday as his. Lol. But I'm typing up the artbook data. I can't believe I still have all these scans I did on my hardrive. Look at nao's for a reference.

Matsuri Honjou:
Febuarary 21st/

The Nanami-Minato family yay~
Shinichirou/Minato/Kaitou 416:
August 5th/

Kai Nanami/ Kaitou 773:
December 25th/

Soushi Asaka:
Januarary 24th/

Ryouya/Ayano Kozuki:
November 30th/

April 15th/

(Be-reave Primary. Anyone wanna know what that is, it's Aizawa's chemistry department. Some characters here aren't tied too him at all, I put a "*" in front of their names too let you know incase it's important. But on another note yay Nagase *Slaps self* )
*Yukari Morishita:
May 23rd/

Nagase Kai:
December 25th/

Ren/Len Shiina:
Febuarary 19th/

Gaku Ichikawa:
April 3rd/

Kirito Nakahara:
Febuaray 2nd/


*Yoshihiro Hano:
July 11th/

Fuuta Kitamura:
March 31st/

Umetani: I dont have him scanned I think. I will edit this part when I can re-read the data.

October 28/

Hiromu Sakura:
September 13th/

May 3rd/

When I get home and re-read things, I will edit this. let me know if this was helpful and what-not. The bloodtypes are on bottom and the b-days are on top.

I am also unsure how too tag this post... ^^"

Game Translations - First Limit (10a-II/?)

*runs, trips over a rock, and skids facedown into the Community*
...I made it...

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Apologies again for the extended delay, though I cannot guarantee that the following days will not be the same; my timetable is still hectic but I will try my very best to restore the regular release schedule, or find suitable substitutes as before. At the very least, I am always available off-duty so anyone may contact me through LJ-messaging if there are any concerns; rest assured that this project will not be abandoned, as long as there is continuing interest, so please feel free to make your voices heard. If anything occurs that forces me to halt all translations (heaven forbid), then I will most certainly notify the Community..unless of course, we have a Translator Existence Failure (again, heaven forbid)
Many thanks again for everyone's patience and continuing support; I hope that I will not let you all down